Okinawa Music Part 1 - Okinawa Main Island and Miyako (8 CDs)

Okinawa Music Part 1 - Okinawa Main Island and Miyako (8 CDs)

Product Description

This is a box set of 8 CDs, the first part of an original box set of 16 LPs that was released in 1965. The recordings were made over two years from 1963, when Okinawa belonged to the US, and were recorded on the Okinawan main island, Miyako island, Ishigaki and the outlying islands of the Yaeyama chain. These are rare treasures of Okinawan classical music, local entertainment and minyo, or folk songs performed by Living National Treasures in their day, but whose recordings these days are all to rare. These artists include Mitsuhiro Shimabukuro, Saeko Iranami, Choichi Terukina, Haruyuki Miyazato and many of the songs have all but disappeared. Comes with sumptuous, detailed liner notes by Manabu Oshiro, head of the cultural section in the educational department of the local Okinawan government, the original project was supervised by Haruo Misumi. This Part 1 focuses on the music of the Okinawan main island and Miyako island and features several other unreleased songs from the vaults of Nippon Columbia. Tracks include Janna Bushi, Sakuta Bushi, Tubarama Bushi, Omoro, Shinugu and Amagoi.