Shanghai Hits of 1930s-40s
Series of old hits from 1930s and 40s Shanghai, that can now be heard with greater clarity than ever. Plus Hong Kong hits from the 1950s by the same singers and series.
Chinese record company releasing high quality recordings of mostly Chinese traditional music. All CDs come with hardback book style packing and extensive English notes. Many titles also available on vinyl LP. Please enquire.
Ancient & Modern Traditional
Includes erhu, pipa and guzheng solo and in ensemble.
Contemporary Rock & Pop
Beijing punk, the 80s rock revolution, electronic and compilations.
Peking Opera DVDs
Peking Opera is a traditional Chinese theatre that developed in the 18th century, originally only staged for the court. By the mid 19th century it had fully formed, and today is regarded as a cultural treasure of China,
Erhu player Jiang Jian Hua