Mariya Takeuchi 1992 album vinyl and CD reissue. New Pascals soundtrack CD. Japanese unit Taikuhjikang playing Indonesian gamelan / steelpan mix. Yukihiro Takahashi vinyl reissues. New Natsu Summer & Ryusenkei CD and 7 inch. New UA EP and CD + DVD set. Series of 25 City Pop CDs. New Tatsuro Yamashita on LP, CD, CD Special Edition and Cassette tape. Two Hiroshi Sato vinyl reissues, World Standard compilation and Morio Agata reissues on CD.Fishmans reissues on vinyl. New albums from Shin Sasakubo, Chica Boom, Night Tempo on CD and vinyl. New Sizzle Ohtaka, wild jazz from Goku Nanaka and wonderful new recording done pre-war style of pre-war music.
New album from Hajime Chitose. Misako Oshiro 7 inch and Sadao China vinyl reissue. Uchina Jazz. New album from Maltese Rock. Latest from Amami island singer Anna Sato. Mina Hirata new album. Ikue Asazaki on vinyl. Misako Oshiro compiation. Okinawa Electric Girl Saya new album. Taiko based album from Keiko Higa. Music from Yonaguni. Blue Asia's Sketches of Myahk on CD and vinyl.
Chinese/Hong Kong vintage 40s-60s recordings on CD. Japanese unit Taikuhjikang playing Indonesian gamelan / steelpan mix. Brilliant new album from Thai singer, Rasmee. Vietnamese 60s compilation. Balinese gamelan. Roots and experimental sounds from Korea. Myanmar music remixed on vinyl. 1970s Korean psych classic. Sentimental pop from Hanoi.
Mariya Takeuchi 1992 album vinyl reissue. Yukihiro Takahashi vinyl reissues. Okinawan 7 inch and album releases from greats Misako Oshiro and Sadao China. Japanese unit Taikuhjikang playing Indonesian gamelan / steelpan mix. Fishmans reissues. Kingo Hamada and Yasuha City Pop vinyl reissues. New Tatsuro Yamashita and Hiroshi Sato 1990s reissues. Mondo Grosso best of an new album on vinyl. Night Tempo vinyl. Niagara Triangle Vol.2 on vinyl and box set. Miki Matsubara, Stay with Me 12 inch. Taeko Onuki first album on vinyl. Yukihiro Takahashi vinyl reissues. Latest Akiko Yano, reissues of legendary pianist, Ryo Fukui. Les Rallizes Denudes on vinyl. New OKI compilation. Kyoto Jazz Massive new album. Vinyl reissues of Miki Matsubara, anonymass, T.Sunaga experience and and jazz classics. Haruomi Hosono, & Miharu Koshi, Swing Slow, Haruomi Hosono/Vampire Weekend 12 inch single. Haruomi Hosono Soundtracks compilation on vinyl.
DVD / Blu-ray
Fishmans the movie on Blu-ray. Buddhist chants ceremony. Alfa Music live, Amami island traditional music and scenes, Haruomi Hosono documentary and Yellow Magic live shows.
Large selection of Congolese albums. Classics from Algeria, Egypt, Klezmer and Yiddish music. Early Congo Music 1946-1962 2 CD plus book with English notes. Compilation of 78 recordings of South American folklore, Paraguay harp and Cuban legends, Orquesta Aragon. Second edition of Toyo's Choice. Latest Hawaiian Hula compiled by Sandii. Brilliant compilation of vintage Palm Wine music from Ghana. New edition of Hawaiian pianist Rene Paulo.
Books of special interest including YMO, Haruomi Hosono