Junko Ohashi, Magical reissue on vinyl. Tribute to Takashi Matsumoto on CD and vinyl. New free and improvised jazz. Taeko Ohnishi on SACD. Mariya Takeuchi on vinyl. Yukihiro Takahashi compilation on LP and CD. Sheena & The Rokkets on vinyl. Haruomi Hosono vinyl reissue of Flying Saucer 1947. New Ryuichi Sakamoto soundtrack on CD. Superb Tsugaru Shamisen and a brilliant album recreating vintage Japanese music. City Pop on vinyl. Music for Sauna series on CD and vinyl. Sketch Show (Haruomi Hosono & Yukihiro Takahashi) on vinyl and DVD. Minako Yoshida on SACD and vinyl. Minyo, Latin and 1950s pop CDs.
Misako Oshiro album on vinyl. Takashi Hirayasu and Bob Brozman live album from 1999. Miyako island traditional music.
The brilliant new album from Taiwanese duo Fade to Blue, Indonesian Gamelan fusions from 1970s and 1990s. 70s and 80s psych and rare groove from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. North Korean CDs. Faye Wong vinyl reissue. Burmese 78s compilation and the best of the latest traditional albums from South Korea.
Junko Ohashi, Magical reissue on vinyl. Tribute to Takashi Matsumoto on CD and vinyl. Yukihiro Takahashi compilation on CD and LP. Haruomi Hosono vinyl reissue of Flying Saucer 1947. Okinawan great Misako Oshiro vinyl reissue. Minako Yoshida reissue. Music for Sauna on vinyl. City Pop vinyl reissues. Sketch Show (Haruomi Hosono & Yukihiro Takahashi). New album from Metafive. Casiopea LP resissues. Haruomi Hosono, Miharu Koshi, Makoto Kubota and Sunset Gang vinyl reissues. Yukihiro Takahashi and Beatniks reissues. Cornelius, Makoto Kubota and Studio Ghibli soundtracks. Soul Flower Union compilations. World Standard, Tei Towa, Haruomi Hosono, Taeko Onuki, Akiko Yano, The Beatniks.
DVD / Blu-ray
Alfa Music live, Amami island traditional music and scenes, Haruomi Hosono documentary and Yellow Magic live shows.
Large selection of Congolese albums. Classics from Algeria, Egypt, Klezmer and Yiddish music. Early Congo Music 1946-1962 2 CD plus book with English notes. Compilation of 78 recordings of South American folklore, Paraguay harp and Cuban legends, Orquesta Aragon. Second edition of Toyo's Choice. Latest Hawaiian Hula compiled by Sandii. Brilliant compilation of vintage Palm Wine music from Ghana. New edition of Hawaiian pianist Rene Paulo.
Books of special interest including YMO, Haruomi Hosono