YMO 40th anniversary Collector's Edition LPs, Standard LPs and SACDs. Haruomi Hosono compilations on LP and CD. Yukihiro Takahashi live CD, DVD and vinyl. Makoto Kubota Bon Odori recording, remixes and 7 inch single. City Pop classic vinyl reissue by Ginji Ito, 60s/70s shakuhachi rare groove 7 inch vinyl, new album of African thumb piano trance from Sakaki Mango, Thai morlam roots from Monaural Mini-Plug. Ambient classics from Inoyamaland including produced by Haruomi Hosono.
New album from Takashi Hirayasu. Rinsho Kadekaru 60s reissue. Homage to classic 1975 album by four traditional musicians. Yuki Yamazato and Katsuko Yohen. Live album from Sadao China and Seijin Noborikawa. Ryukyu Standard remix.1960s recordings of Okinawan music compiled and mastered by Makoto Kubota, Okinawa compilation by Kubota and 7 inch remix singles. 1975 Koza folk songs. First album from Yoko Ishikawa. Monumental album featuring four singers including Tetsuhiro Daiku.
Korean traditional daegeum and music based on North Korean folk songs. Gayageum ensemble and contemporary compostions for traditional instruments. Pop morlam from Laos Epic Korean Gayageum 6 CD set. Wonderful 1960s Burmese traditional/Latin/Hawaiian mix and other Burmese traditional albums.Excellent album from wonderful Thai singer Rasmee. New album from Sambasunda.
YMO 40 Year anniversary special reissues, Haruomi Hosono classics, Chu Kosaka and the latest album by Cornelius.
DVD / Blu-ray
Shamisen and Shomyo- Buddhist chanting DVDs. DVD, Blu-ray and 2 Disc Blu-ray of Ryuichi Sakamoto documentary, CODA. Cinema Kabuki Aterui on DVD and Blu-ray.
Early Congo Music 1946-1962 2 CD plus book with English notes. Second edition of Toyo's Choice. Latest Hawaiian Hula compiled by Sandii. Brilliant compilation of vintage Palm Wine music from Ghana. New edition of Hawaiian pianist Rene Paulo.