Traditional  Vocal
Hat Van (traditional theatre) Hat Tho (worship singing) and Ca Hue, songs from the ancient capital of Hue.
Traditional Instrumental
Instrumental pieces played solo or in unison on including dan tranh (zither) dan bao (monochord) dan nguyet (moon-shaped lute) dan nhi (two stringed fiddle) dan trung (bamboo xylophone) dan ty ba (pear shaped lute) klongput (bamboo tubes) plus various Vietnamese guitars and flutes.
Traditional Bac Ninh Folk Songs
Quan ho singing from Bac Ninh province in northern Vietnam, the country's most vibrant area for folk and tradiional music. A call and response tradition that is still developing today.
Contemporary Instrumental
Dan Tranh chamber music from Paris resident Tri Nguyen. Plus instrumental music played on mainly dan bau (monochord) dan tranh (zither) and sao (flute) accompanied by synthesizer, piano, guitar, and other western instruments in varying degrees.
Contemporary Folk
Folk songs sung in Vietnamese style with a mixture of traditional and modern instrumentation, including many albums from the queen of the genre, Thu Hien.
Compilations of various types of Vietamese music. From 1960s pop to folk songs.
Dan Truong, Cam Ly and other pop stars, great singers who embrace some traditional instrumentation on dan bao (monochord) or dan tranh (zither). Plus current jazz singers.
Revolutionary Songs
Modern versions of 30 year old revolutionary songs, so-called 'red music' or 'nhac do'. Many popular pre-war southern songs were banned after 1975, except around 200 songs about the country and its people.