Traditional Vocal
Graceful ramvong and rambach music, beautifully sung accompanied by a variety of khmer instruments.
Traditional Instrumental
Phleng kar (wedding tunes) played on tro sau tuch (two stringed violin) tahke (zither) skor dai (small drum) cha pey (2 stringed long necked lute) and other instruments. Plus a pinpeat (Khmer classical music) ensemble playing various wind and percussion instruments such as the roneat (bamboo xylophone) and kong vong tuch (cart wheel shaped tuned percussion).
1960s-70s Roots & Pop
The greatest male singer, Sinn Sisamouth, and the greatest female singer Ros Sereysothea. Legends of Cambodian music who sung some of Asia's funkiest, rootsiest sounds back in the late 60s and early 70s. Plus other stars from the time, Meas Samoun and Pan Ron.
Modern Khmer Roots, Khmer Surin
Pulsating Khmer Surin music from the Thai border, the brilliant Him Sivorn, currently Cambodia's best singer of ramvong, ramkbach, cha cha cha and other roots styles. Plus her male counterpart, Noy Vanneth and other superb singers.
Khmer Pop
Stars singers include Preab Sovath, Moon Mara and Kim Leakana. Pop with varying degrees of local Khmer flavours.