SHM-CD (Super High Material Compact Disc) is a high quality compact disc developed in Japan, that uses polycarbonate resin, used on LCD panels, as a coating on the CD. The sound quality is improved as it gives a more accurate laser reading of the 'pits' on the CD. Various genres of music.
HiQuality CD uses polycarbonate plastic with greater transparency to achieve a higher quality audio. A special alloy is used as the material on the reflective layer of the CD instead of the aluminium. Various genres of music.
Blu-spec CDs are the audio equivalent of the improved Blu-ray DVD, that is manufactured by Sony to the highest technical standards. A blue laser is used for recording the pits on the CD instead of an infra-red laser. The blue laser creates more precise pits resulting in less distortion. Now includes the latest Blu-spec CD2, which uses a more precise BD cutting machine, in a process known as 'Phase Transition Mastering'.
SACD- Super Audio Compact Disc
SACDs offer improved audio quality through a bitrate up to 64 times that of a standard CD. SACDs require to be played on an SACD player. SACD Hybrid CDs can be played on a standard CD player, although improved quality will be limited to that of a standard CD.