Other Services

Far Side Music Ltd. is involved in a number of other areas.

Live Music Agency

We have booked artists from Japan and Asia to perform at some of the world's most prestigious venues and festivals, including in London the South Bank and the Barbican, The City of London Festival, at WOMAD festivals in the UK, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and elsewhere, TFF Rudolstadt in Germany, Canadian Festivals including Quebec Summer Festival and Winnipeg, and festivals in South Africa and Taiwan. Click on the link below for a list of Artists we currently represent.
Live Music Agency

Rice Records UK

Rice Records is the UK imprint of a Japanese record company. Releases include Cuban classics from Arsenio Rodriguez, Brazilian legend Carmen Miranda, Japan's Rikki and Sambasunda and Waldjinah from Indonesia. Rice Records is distributed in the UK by Proper Note. Available at wholesale prices for distributors in territories worldwide. Please ask for details.
Rice Records UK

Licensing, Distribution, Exports, Imports

With unparalleled experience in connecting East and West we have coordinated the release of hundreds of records; both Japanese and Asian artists released worldwide and foreign artists released in Japan and other areas of Asia.

We have arranged licensing of primarily Asian music for many documentaries, TV adverts and short films released both physicaly and online only.

We have worked with many labels in Europe and the US, especially operating in ‘world music’, to find distribution or licensing in Japan, which is today the world’s biggest market for physical music sales. Over the years these relationships have often blossomed and continue to thrive today. We are always on the look out for great labels in other specialist genres such as blues and jazz.

We have also been behind the release of several albums of Japanese music released on record labels in Europe usually through licensing deals and occasionally as imports.

Get in touch if you require Asian music for your project, are a label or artist interested in finding representation in Japan, or a Japanese artist looking for a route into the international market.

Compilations & Producing

Paul Fisher has compiled many albums of Asian music including Rough Guides to Japan, Okinawa, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Hawaii (World Music Network) The Very Best of the Far East, Bar Tokyo, Bar Beijing, Beginner's Guide to Asia (Nascente), Travelogue East Asia (Union Square), Las Musicas de Japon, Las Musicas de China (Fnac), Sound Trip Japan (Reise Know How) and others.
Compilations & Producing

Music Programming for Restaurants and other Spaces

We have provided background music and acted as consultant for many commercial premises. These have included a major Japanese restaurant chain in the UK, Japanese restaurants in Taiwan, Chinese restaurants in London, and a shopping mall in Japan.

A lot of research has found that music played during a dining experience has a bearing on more than you might think. Their mood, how long they stay, even how the food tastes and how much they spend. The sound is an inherent part of the overall atmosphere.

Our speciality is providing music for 'Pan-Asian' restaurants as well as those specialised in Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Chinese and Japanese cuisines.

Nobody else has the experience, knowledge, expertise and library of music to cater for all types of Asian restaurants and supply the kind of music that exactly suits your space. We’ll visit your premises to observe and listen and devise playlists tailored for your restaurant or premises. We can work on a one off or an ongoing monthly basis.

Get in touch with us if you want the right music for your restaurant or space.

Recording Coordination

Far Side Music Ltd. offers a total recording coordination service in London for a clientele of mainly Japanese record companies, management companies and artists.

We have carefully selected independent recording studios in London, a mastering studio, as well as producers and engineers. We tailor our client's needs to suit all budgets, from groups to solo recordings, overdubs, mixing and mastering.

We aim to provide a cost effective, value for money recording experience, with results of the highest quality to satisfy the expectations of our clients. We work with experienced engineers and producers, sensitive to our client's needs with a proven track record.

Our Japanese and Japanese speaking staff provide studio interpretation services and all accommodation booking for our client's stay in London.


Paul Fisher has presented Far Side Radio on Resonance 104.4fm since 2002, and before that Far East Radio on FM Cocolo in Japan for five years. He has also presented on location radio documentaries for BBC Radio 3 and CBC in Canada.

He has been regular contributor to fRoots magazine since 1990 and was a music columnist for the Japan Times for several years. In addition he contributed to many other publications such as Latina (Japan) and to the Rough Guide and Lonely Planet books.


Paul Fisher has DJ'd at events and festivals around the world including the South Bank, Gilgamesh, Spitz, Big Chill Bar (London), festivals in Zagreb and Berlin and venues in Osaka and Tokyo. He is available for bookings worldwide.