OKINAWA Traditional
Solo male, female and groups.
Selection of new and rare Okinawan vinyl on 7 inch, 10 inch and LP.
OKINAWA Contemporary Roots
Solo male, female and groups.

OKINAWA - Ryukyu Classical
Classical, court music and gagaku
OKINAWA compilations
Our extensive range of Okinawa compilations of all music genres.
OKINAWA  rock / pop / reggae / dub / folk
Rock, pop, punk, hip hop, dub, folk, ska and more
OKINAWA club / dance / chillout
Where Okinawan roots meet the latest club beats, plus remixes and chill out grooves.
OKINAWA experimental
Sanshin put through various effects and other leftfield electronic sounds.
OKINAWA others / soundtracks
Soundtracks to Okinawan films, oddities and the unclassifiable.
Documentaries on the greats Rinsho Kadekaru and Seijin Noborikawa, modern masters Shokichi Kina and Rinken Band, Okinawan films Nabbie's Love and Hotel Hibiscus, scenes of Okinawa, music score and sanshin tutor, and excellent guide book in English