Mignonne (LP Vinyl)

Mignonne (LP Vinyl)

Product Description

Due for release, April 2023, latest pressing.

Third album, originally released in 1978, and first of her acclaimed European trilogy. Arrangements by including Ryuichi Sakamoto, and musicians inckuded all members of YMO, Haruomi Hosono on bass, Ryuichi Sakamoto on keyboards and Yukihiro Takahashi on drums, with other musicians including Shigeru Suzuki and Tsugutoshi Goto. Bernie Grundman mastering and cutting.

Side A
1. Jajauma Musume
2. Yokogao
3. Tasogarere
4. Sora o Tobetara
5. Kaze no Organ

Side B
6. Iidssenakute
7. 4.00am
8. Totsuzen no Okurimono
9. Umi to Shonen
10. Akogare