Linda Carriere (LP Vinyl)

Linda Carriere (LP Vinyl)

Product Description

Unreleased album from 1977 finally gets a release! American singer Linda Carriere's first album produced by Haruomi Hosono. The ten songs were newly composed by Haruomi Hosono (four songs) two from Tatsuro Yamashita, two by Minako Yoshida, one composition by Akiko Yano and one by Hiroshi Sato. All lyrics by James Reagan. At the time, a small number of test pressings of the rough mix for promotion were distributed to people in the industry, but it was never released as Kunihiko Murai, the president of Alfa Records, had doubts about the vocals. Mixed by Goh Hotoda under supervision of Haruomi Hosono.

Side A
1 .Up On His Luck
2. Loving Makes It So
3 .Sunday Girl
4 .All That Bad
5 .Proud Soul

Side B
6. Laid Back Mad Or Mellow
7. Child On An Angel's Arm
8. Vertigo
9. Love Celebration
10. Socrates