A Long Vacation - 40th Anniversary Edition (Light Blue LP Vinyl) (Limited Edition)

A Long Vacation - 40th Anniversary Edition (Light Blue LP Vinyl) (Limited Edition)

Product Description

A Long Vacation was an album released by Eiichi Ohtaki on March 21st 1981. Ohtaki was a member of the band Happy End, but was better known as a solo musician. It sold over a million copies, winning various awards, and is considered to be one of the Japanese rock albums of all time. Most of the songs were influenced by Phil Spector and his 'Wall of Sound', except the last track, a tribute to British producer Joe Meek. All three of Ohtaki's Happy End bandmates featured on the album; Takashi Matsumoto wrote the lyrics (except for one song), Shigeru Suzuki played guitar and Haruomi Hosono played bass. The cover artwork was by Hiroshi Nagai, originally for a picture book, tltled A Long Vacation, published in 1979. Nagai became much in demand after this release, a popularity that lasts to this day. Originally released on vinyl and cassette, Sing Along Vacation was released in July, as a limited edition, featuring instrumental versions excluding Saraba Trans-Siberian Railway. A Long Vacation was one of the first albums to be issued on CD. The album has been re-released every ten years, and has charted each time. This is a 12 inch 33 rpm vinyl record, new cutting, remastered.

Side A
1. Kimi wa Tennen Shoku
2. Velvet Motel
3.Canary Islands Nite
4. Pap-Pi-Doo-Bi-Doo-Ba Story
5. Waga Kokoro no Pinball

Side B
1. Ame no Wednesday
2. Speech Balloon
3. Koisura Karen
4. Fun x 4
5. Saraba Trans Siberian Railway