Feeling Like a Child (LP Vinyl)

Feeling Like a Child (LP Vinyl)

Product Description

Presents was a kind of graduation project of friends from the Nerima and Nakano areas of Tokyo in 1980. The music was reminiscent of Sugar Babe (the 1970s band that featured Tatsuro Yamashita and Taeko Ohnuki among others) or So Nice, an amateur University band. Picked up on by record store staff, the album is now issued 42 years later, with artwork by Hiroshi Nagai. The high quality sound reproduction from the original master tapes was overseen by member Fumio Murata.

Side A
1. New York Nante Ikanai
2. One Night Darling
3. Forget and Forgive
4. Hohoemi no nakade
5. Feeling Like A Child

Side B
1. Dim
2. Morning Beach
3. Nettaimu
4. Cloudy Bosa Nova