Awakening (x2 Colour LP Vinyl)

Awakening (x2 Colour LP Vinyl)

Product Description

40th Anniversary 2 colour vinyl set. LP1 is the original version. LP2 includes mainly off vocal (instrumental) tracks plus Wendy's Version of Blue and Moody Music and a 2005 remix by Hiroshi Sato of It Isn't Easy. Originally released in 1982, after Sato had moved back to Tokyo after living in Los Angeles, and signing for Alfa Records. As a keyboard player, Sato has been on many classic albums in Japan, and collaborted with Haruomi Hosono and Tin Pan Alley, as well as playing with Randy Crawford, Maria Muldaur, Spencer Davis and many others while living in Los Angeles. The vocalist is Canadian/Australian singer Wendy Matthews, who he had worked with in Los Angeles. This album is also notable for Sato's use of the Linn LM-1 drum machine. Guests included Tatsuro Yamashita, Matsuki Tsunehide and Yuji Toriyama.


Side 1
1. Awakening
2. You're My Baby
3. Blue and Moody Music
4. Only a Love Affair
5. Love and Peace

Side 2
1. From Me To You
2. I Can't Wait
3. It Isn't Easy
4. Awakening
5. Say Goodbye


Side 3
1. Blue and Moody Music (Wendy's Version)
2. Awakening (Off SE)
3. You're My Baby (Off Vocal)
4. Blue and Moody (Off Vocal)
5. Only a Love Affair (Off Vocal)

Side 4
1. It Isn't Easy (Remixed by Hiroshi Sato, 2005)
2. From Me to You (Off Vocal)
3. I Can't Wait (Off Vocal)
4. It Isn't Easy (Off Vocal)
5. Say Goodbye (Off Vocal)