All of Me (x2 LP Vinyl)

All of Me (x2 LP Vinyl)

Product Description

First time on vinyl, released in 1995. Hiroshi Sato is known for being ahead of his time, with his production techniques and jazzy chord progressions. He began playing as a pianist with various jazz and blues bands in Kansai. In the 1970s he became an in demand session player, playing with Shigeru Suzuki, Tatsuro Yamashita, Eiichi Ohtaki and many others. Apparently he turned down the chance to play with Yellow Magic Orchestra, and instead pursued a solo career using the newly invented Linn LM-1 drum machne. Known for albums such as Orient (1979) and Awakening (1982), and the collaboration with Akira Inoue and Masataka Matsutoya on the City Pop classic, Seaside Lovers, Memories in Beach House, in 1983. This album was his first for Toshiba EMI, his first album entirely in Japanese, with a kind of 90s AOR jazzy feel, with funky elements. Sato wrote, arranged and played most of the instruments with some help from Shigeru Suzuki (guitar) Minako Yoshida (lyrics) among others.

Side A
1. Hi! Hai? Hai
2. Time for Love
3. So Long!

Side B
4. Heart to You
5. Melody

Side C
1. Waiting for the Sun
2. Crawl
3. Nettaiya

Side D
4. I'm in Love with You
5. Love Me
6. All of Me