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async  (SALE)

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First solo album for eight years. Recorded mostly in New York but utilizes field recordings and museum material from around the world. The album plays with 'ideas of a-synchronism, prime numbers, chaos, quantum physics and the blurred lines of life and artificiality/noise and music.' According to Sakamoto he conceived the idea of writing for a Andrei Tarkovsky film that does not exist, and at the same time taking 'inspiration from everyday objects, sculpture and nature.' It apparently includes piano and orchestra, as well as 'unique acoustic and electric sounds, both programmed and organic.' It is also described as one of Sakamoto's most 'personal albums'.
1. andata 2. disintegration 3. solari 4. ZURE 5. walker 6. stakra 7. ubi 8. fullmoon 9. async 10. tri 11. Life, Life 12. honj 13. ff 14. garden