async - surround (Blu-ray Disc)

async - surround (Blu-ray Disc)

Product Description

Released March 28th 2018. Ryuichi Sakamoto's highly acclaimed album in 2017 async, formed part of an exhibition in April and May in 2017 at Tokyo's Watarium Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibition was a collection of videos related to the album, showcased in 5.1 surround sound. Books, photographs and music that inspired Sakamoto were also on display and a 'communication wall' where people could write their thoughts and questions relating to async on post-it notes. It was also a desire of Sakamoto for his music to be listened to in a 'well organized environment' The venue design was led by Sakamoto's long time collaborator Shiro Takatani. Ryuichi Sakamoto had in mind a surround sound version of async from inception, and features 'water state 2' (available only on the vinyl version) all in 5.1ch surround sound mix (24 bit / 96 kHz) and as a 'complete version' includes the high resolution 2ch. Comes in tall size CD packaging. Also features async international short film competition winners 1. In a Happy Place A film by Sandup Rongkup 2. Poetry of Banality - a film by Mikhail Basov 3. Shosho ni Mitsu - a film by J.K. Wang