Product Description

We've been fans of cheolhyeongeum (iron zither) player Yu Kyung Hwa, and her album Sympathy for several years. As indeed have many customers and various guitarists from around the world who have got in touch with us about her. Yu, (named here as Kyung-hwa Ryu) is one of the featured artists on this five member band of musicians playing janguu (hourglass drum), daegum (pipe) taepyeongso (double reed wind instrument) - both played by Young-Sup Lee - plus bass, percussion and drums. The first track from Yu's album Sympathy, is the opening on this album too, the brlliant Bird of Oblivion. The version here, is altogether edgier, given a new lease of life with traditional flute, reed, percussion and the ching of a bell. The album only gets better with jazz, rock and even Indian music putting in an appearance. As the English liner notes say ' These artists of different backgrounds and areas create a new sound that exudes its own unique colour. Their profound understanding of tradition establishes the concrete foundation for their music. The ensemble knows how to play with tension and precision.. Their music is exact yet fresh'. Can't argue with that.
1. Bird of Oblivion 2. Road 3. The Brave Moonlight 4. Kangwondo Arirang 5. Bohoeja 6. Ayutthaya