Yellow Magic Orchestra (US Edition) (Collector's Vinyl Edition) (Limited Edition)

Yellow Magic Orchestra (US Edition) (Collector's Vinyl Edition) (Limited Edition)

Product Description

Released 28th November 2018. This is the US version, sometimes called the A&M Remix, of the first album by YMO in 1979. The album was remixed by Al Schmitt for the American market, edited, with the last track from the Japanese version, omitted. The Collector's edition is a double album that plays at 45rpm. Remastering by Bob Ludwig, analogue cutting by Bernie Grundman in Hollywood. Contains separate booklet and liner notes with interviews, a replica edition of the original album in a special outer box. Intial orders include poster (B)- but are supplied on first come first serve basis, so not guaranteed.

Side 1
1. Computer Game `Theme From The Circus` 2. Firecracker
Side 2
1. Simoon 2. Cosmic Surfin` 3. Computer Game `Theme From The Invader`
Side 3
1 Yellow Magic (Tong Poo) 7. La Femme Chinoise
Side 4
1. Bridge Over Troubled Music 2. Mad Pierrot