Year Book 2005-2014 (2 CDs)

Year Book 2005-2014 (2 CDs)

Product Description

Compilation album of Ryuichi Sakamoto's unreleased songs written in the past ten years between 2005 and 2014. These tracks are unavailable on any other album.
1. Cantus Omnibus Unus
(Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto / Words: Japan Choral Association)
Theme song of the 7th World Chorus Symposium 'Choral Highlights 2005' (2005)

2. Moscow
Written for the film 'Moscow' by Mai Hofstad Gunnes who is a Norwegian film producer living in Berlin (2006)

3. Sonic Mandala
Composed for an instalation titled 'Missing Piece', an art exhibition in Tibet (2006)

4. Nokiartek-pf01

5. Nokiartek-pf10
Written for Nokia (mobile phone maker) and Artek (Scandinavian furniture maker) who collaborated together for the international furniture showcase 'The Salone di Mobile' held in Milan in Italy (2006)

6. Visionaire
Written for a CD that came with the art magazine 'Visionarie' which was started in 1991 in New York (2006)

1. 2099
Written by German artist and Sakamoto's friend Carsten Nicholai aka Alva Noto for the art project 'Messages for 2099' created by Nicholai and another German artist Kei Grein (2006)

2. Kewpie3-b
Song for the TV advert of Kewpie Mayonaise, Central Park version (2007)

3. Ghosts
Composed for somone who remains anonymous (2008)

4. Ropa
Music produced, composed and performed by Christian Fennesz + Ryuichi Sakamoto, written during their collaboration (2008)

5. Bambooshoots
Composed for the American online film site 'Boing Boing TV' originally an indie magazine published in 1988, to celebrate 150 films online (2009)

6. FM40 Radio Days
Written for NHK FM radio 'Radio Days' for their anniversary jingle to celebrate their 40th year on air since 1969 (2009)

7. Chorale | Look For Me Here
Ryuichi Sakamoto Remix
Original by Solo Andata
Sakamoto remixed this song by Australian duo, Solo Andata (2009)

8. Schola TV Opening
Opening theme song of Sakamoto's music programme on NHK 'Schola - Ryuichi Sakamoto's Music School' which started in 2010 (2010)

9. Otowa
Written for Audi R8 Spyder's TV advert (2010)

Music produced, composed and performed by Christian Fennesz + Ryuichi Sakamoto
Written with collaborator Christian Fennesz for Amnesty International's campaign 'Peace' against the death penalty (2010)

11. Dharma - Theme

12. Dharma - Meditation

13. Dharma - Contemplation
Composed for the soundtrack of a Korean TV documentary series 'Dharma' produced by KBS (2011)

14. Utility Pole in the Moonlight
P.D. (Music: Kenji Miyazawa / Arranged by: Ryuichi Sakamoto)

15. Astronaut Anthem
Ryuichi Sakamoto Remix
Original by Meredith Monk
Sakamoto remixes one of Meredith Monk's song for his remix album 'Monk Mix : Remixes & Interpretations of Music by Meredith Monk'

16. AUDI 2011
Written for Audi A7 (2011)

Original by Soutaisei Riron
Remix by Ryuichi Sakamoto
Sakamoto remixed the song 'Miss Paralell World' from the album of 'Syncronisiteen' by Soutaisei Riron and released in 2010. It was included on the album 'Tadashii Soutaisei Riron'(2011) as 'Qmsmas'.

18. Blu
Performed by Ryuichi Sakamoto and the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
Written for the 50th anniversary project of the men's suit tailor 'Yofuku no Aoyama'. Theme song of the project. (2014)

19. Roly-poly 1 - Dangomushi no Tanjo

20. Roly-poly 2 - Dangomushi no Dappi

21. Roly-poly 3 - Shinda Dangomushi

22. Roly-poly 4 - Ame no Naka de Sodatsu

23. Roly-poly 5 - Inochi no Junkan
Soundtrack for the documentary about the life of wood lice from NHK's educational site. (2014)

24. Whitescape#2
Written for the web site of 'Sapporo International Art Festival 2014' which was held in Sapporo from July to September in 2014. Sakamoto was invited as guest director. (2014)

All music is produced, composed, and performed by Ryuichi Sakamoto unless otherwise noted.