Year Book 1985-1989 (5 CDs)

Year Book 1985-1989 (5 CDs)

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The fourth in Ryuichi Sakamoto's Year Book series. This volume of 5 CDs is of unreleased and rare tracks from 1985-1989. This was a particularly fruitful period for Sakamoto, gaining worldwide acclaim receiving an Academy Award for The Last Emperor soundtrack, several original albums, commercial music and live tours. He was using keyboards such as Fairlight CMI, Emulator II, Yamaha DX7. Tracks include performances with Yuji Takahashi, Kisaragi Koharu, Haruna Miyake, Kazumi Watanabe, a live session at Roppongi Inkstick, the 1989 NHK FM special song, Kaze no Michi, tracks such as his song Rachael performed by Sandii & The Sunsetz song, and unreleased The Garden for designer Tokio Kumagai. Comes as tall CD size as previously and a 30 page booklet with archive photographs from the time.

TV War - First time release, unedited version. Live recording at the International Science Technology Exposition, Tsukuba , on 15th September 1985. Concept Akira Asada, Video, Radical TV and music by Ryuichi Sakamoto. An edited version of TV War was released as a laserdisc and video, but this is the full, live sound only version.
1. Opening 2. City 3. Robot 4. Live 5. War 6. Ending

Inkstick Session (First time release) Live recording of a totally improvisation session at Inkstick, a live venue in Roppongi, Tokyo. Sakamoto played a Fairlight CMI
Ryuichi Sakamoto (keyboards) Bill Laswell (bass) Toshinori Kondo (trumpet) Hideo Yamaki (drums) Carlos Alomar (guitar)

CD3 + 4
Matthaios 1985 - First Time Release
Kazumi Watanabe, Haruna Miyake, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yuji Takahashi, Koharu Kisaragi .Noise
supporting musicians Greg Lee (bass) Shuichi 'Ponta' Murakami (drums) Yas-Kaz (percussion) Jo Sakimoto (harmonica) Hisako Tokue (violin)
Performance from 1985 to commemorate 300 years since the birth of JS. Bach. Production with playwright Koharu Kisaragi and the theatre company, Noise. Stage performance set to interpretation of Bach's music. This is a live recording of this stage performance.

1. Rachael / Sandii & The Sunsetz 2. NHK Science Expo Highlights - Ending Theme / Ryuichi Sakamoto (previously unreleased) 3. Steel Cathedrals / David Sylvian 4. Neo Plant / Koharu Kisaragi 5. Futurista / Ryuichi Sakamoto (recorded before album release of Futursita, previously unreleased) 6 + 7 Fuji TV Commercial 'Shinyaka Shiso' Theme Song, A Type + B Type / Ryuichi Sakamoto (previously unreleased) 8. Chasing the Air / Yosuke Yamashita + Bill Laswell + Ryuichi Sakamoto 9. Undo Demo #3 / Ryuichi Sakamoto (previously unreleased) 10. Kaze no Michi (NHK-FM special 'acoustic concert' / Taeko Onuki + Ryuichi Sakamoto (previously unreleased) 11. The Garden (for designer Tokio Kumagai) / Ryuichi Sakamoto (previously unreleased)