Yasukatsu Oshima with Geoffrey Keezer

Yasukatsu Oshima with Geoffrey Keezer

Product Description

Geoffrey Keezer is a first class jazz pianist, having started off playing with Art Blakey then going to record with a host of top musicians from Diana Krall to Chick Corea. He is also a great collaborative musician having played with Hawaii's Keola Beamer. Like many before him, including fellow pianists George Winston and Michael Nyman, he seems to have caught the Okinawa bug and has recorded an album with Yaeyama's Yasukatsu Oshima. Oshima is a fantastic sanshin player, has Okinawan music running through his vains and is one of the best interpreters of traditional songs. Excellent album of 10 songs, with Keezer an innovative yet wholy respectful collaborator. Recorded in New York the album also features several of Keezer's regular jazz band, on saxes, clarinet, electric guitar, trumpet and drums. A varied album with some hauntingly beautiful moments, and some more upbeat joyful times. Recommended. 1. Ryusei ( Oshima original) 2. Tsuki nu Kaisha (Yaeyama traditional) 3. Kuinupana (Yaeyama traditional) 4. Sukikanna (Okinawa traditional) 5. Tinsagu nu Hana (Okinawa traditional) 6. Menuhama (Okinawa traditional) 7. Agarikata Bushi (Oshima original) 8. Sagechijyuya (Okinawa traditional) 9. Ufarakuitsui (Yaeyama traditional) 10. Uyamaari (Yaeyama traditional).