YMO Remixes - Technopolis 99-00 Complete Edition (2 CDs)

YMO Remixes - Technopolis 99-00 Complete Edition (2 CDs)

Product Description

This is a limited edition, 2 in 1 CD of the two remix albums of Yellow Magic Orchestra tracks by some of Japan's leading DJs and remixers. CD1 is YMO Remixes Technopolis 2000-01 and CD2 is YMO Remixes Technopolis 2000-00.
CD1. 1. Technopolis (The Readymade / Darlin' of Discotheque Track) 2. Tighten Up 3. Rydeen (Sratm -Towa Tei- Remix) 4. Seoul Music 5. Castalia (Motor Headphone from Dragon Ash) 6. Behind the Mask (Main Mix) (DJ Hasebe) 7. Pure Jam (Vigorous Jam - Toshihiko Mori Remix) 8. Nice Age 9. Behind the Mask (F.P.M's Sweet Soul Bossa Nova) 10. Firecracker (Main Mix) (Malawi Rocks) 11.(The Mad Capsule Markets - Takeshi/Motokatsu- & Kei Kusama) 12. Perspective (Sugizo)
CD2. 1. Opening from the Past (Hideki Matsutake-Logic System) 2. Technoplis (Denki's Technopolis -RMX) (Denki Groove) 3. (Groove That Soul Mix) 4. (DJ Celory Remix) (DJ Celory from Soul Scream) 5. Insomnia (Dry & Heavy Remix) 6. (Good-Bye Bus Mix) (Hiroyuki Hayashi from Polysics) 7. Rydeen (Yamada Man Remix) 8. Cosmic Surfin' (Merry Go Round Mix) (EYE from Boredoms) 9. Behind the Mask (Farewell Mr.S3000 Remix) (Taku from m-flo) 10. (Forest 808 Mix) (ENML) 11. (POP' Las T-C'mix) 12. Closing for the Future (Hideki Matsutake- Logic System)

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