YMO L-R Trax

YMO L-R Trax

Product Description

Yellow Magic Orchestra have attracted such a large cult following, there has long been a huge demand for their unreleased rare tracks. This box set finally satisfies that demand. 8 CDs, disc 1 'Live at Kinokuniya Hall'(Tokyo 1978), disc 2 'Live at Green Theatre' (Los Angeles 1979), disc 3 & 4 'Faker Holic'(world tour in London, Paris and NY in 1979), disc 5 & 6 'World Tour 1980' (London, Paris, Los Angeles live from their second world tour 'From Tokyo to Tokyo'), disc 7 'One More YMO' (best live album from 1979 to 1993 compiled by Yukihiro Takahashi and released in 2000), disc8 'Rare Tracks' (14 rare tracks). It all comes with a large booklet and colour photos in an extremely nice package.
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