World's End Wonderland

World's End Wonderland

Product Description

Tokyo Ethmusica were formed in Tokyo in 2003 by Daichi Hayakawa. He comes from an academic background, studying at one of Japan's most prestigious universities, and has a deep interest in music from around the world. Their music is inspired by roots sounds from all corners of the globe, which is combined with pop and dance rhythms and melodies. Originally featuring vocalists from Korea and Okinawa, their first records became radio airplay hits in Japan and their second album was released in Asia and some countries in Europe. Now they are back with a new album, but without the previous vocalists. Instead are guests singers: Miu Sakamoto, daughter of Ryuichi Sakamoto, Meguri Azumino, daughter of minyo singer Takio Ito, Yuyun, a singer from Indonesia and Ashid, a khoomii singer from Mongolia. A big production that fits most easily into the global dance scene, from an east Asian perspective.
1. World's End Wonderland 2. Life is Art 3. A Marriage Song 4. A Small Prayer 5. Pieces of Times 6. Noisy Fly 7. Cry for Soul 8. Here Before 9. Too Many Wishes