Who May Find Love in the Imaginary Axis

Who May Find Love in the Imaginary Axis

Product Description

Second album from Thirdiq, the solo project of guitarist/producer Yukihiro Atsumi. Atsumi is a top session player in various genres, such as jazz, electro, soul and ambient music, playing with Orquesta de la Luz, Soil & Pimp Sessions and many more. He's enlisted the help of over 30 of his friends such as Shota Hishiyama, ex keyboard player with Soil & Pimp Sessions, Shinpei Ruike, trumpet player with Naruyoshi Kikuchi Dub Sextet and Kenji Yoshiura, ex percussion player with Izanami. 12 tracks including a cover of Lauyrn Hill's 'To Zion'.
1. Breathe 2. To Zion (feat. Maru) 3. Lovers Fiction feat. Yu Sakai 4. Beyond the Fields Interlude 5. 220 Cures 6. A King of Nocturne 7. Yellow 8. All Things in the Universe feat. Hanah 9. Mood 10. 284 Cures 11. Amaretto 12. Letters- Theme of Film - Love in the Imaginary Axis.