What, Me Worry? (SALE)

What, Me Worry?  (SALE)

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Fourth solo album released in 1982. First release on the Yen label, launched with Haruomi Hosono by Alfa Records. One of Takahashi's best albums during his YMO days. Features Hosono and Sakamoto on 'Flashback' Also features from Japan Kenji Omura and Hiroshi Sato, plus Bill Nelson, Zaine Griff and Tony Mansfield (New Musik). 'It's All Too Much' is a cover of Gerorge Harrison. Includes the three tracks are from the What, Me Worry? EP released a month after the album with new tracks and one Japanese version.

1. What. Me Worry?
2. It`s Gonna Work Out
3. Sayonara
4. This Strange Obsession
5. Flashback
6. The Real You
7. Disposable Love
8. My Highland Home In Thailand
9. All You`ve Got To Do
10. It`s All Too Much
11. Futari No Kage Ni
12. Disposable Love (Japanese version)
13. Ich Bin Der Glucklichste Mensch Auf Der Welt