Wasuremono (x2 LP Vinyl)

Wasuremono (x2 LP Vinyl)

Product Description

Another musician we lost much too young was Rei Harakami, who died in 2011, aged 40. He as one of the first of the new generation of post club electronic musicians who used abstract sounds and stylized song structures, on albums designed to be listened to and with a distinctive Japanese taste. He was also a collaborator with Akiko Yano on the Yanokami project. This is a double album of Harakami rare tracks released in 2006. Deluxe Edition 2 LPs, includes tracks recorded when Harakami was still as student and other unreleased tracks.

Side A
1. Niji-Zou
2. A Certain Theme

Side B
1. Itoguchi
2. Machibuse

Side C
1. Kietakoi
2. Snack (okashi)

Side D
1. Robe (Omukae)
2. Mebae
3. Bye (Sayonara)

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