Wasabi 2

Wasabi 2

Product Description

Wasabi are a quartet of four young traditional musicians, who aim to grow the appeal of Japanese traditional music overseas and with young people in Japan. Shamisen player, Ryoichiro Yoshida has already successfully been doing this as one half of the Yoshida Brothers, and Wasabi is a kind of extension of the duo, adding other traditional instruments, and playing traditional songs in an exciting way, while creating an image as a band that goes against the stuffy traditional music world. The tsugaru shamisen and taiko drums are from the 'folk' world, whereas koto and shakuhachi are mostly from the classical world. They have already performed in several countries around the world to great acclaim. Ryoichiro Yoshida (shamisen), Hiromu Motonaga (shakuhachi), Shin Ichikawa (koto), Naosaburo Bihou (taiko)
1. Bright 2. Eleven 3. Gurizaiyu No Sora 4. Hyaku Ya Tsuki 5. Shigure 6. Aoi 7. Kokuhaku 8. Miraikanata