Warm Regard to Nan'yô: Dances and Old Songs of Palau and the Ogasawara Islands

Warm Regard to Nan'y: Dances and Old Songs of Palau and the Ogasawara Islands

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Filmed in Tokyo 2007, 94 minutes, NTSC Region Code All. More than 1000km south of Tokyo, lie Ogasawara Islands and Palau, where traditioal performing arts are deeply rooted in the culture of the people. The only inhabited ones are Chichi-jima and Ha-ha-jima, sometimes called the Galapagos of the Orient due to the rich fauna and flora and distinctive eco-system. The islands were claimed from the British in 1875, occupied by the US from 1945 and returned to Japan in 1968. The islands are both Japanese and Micronesian, with a strong influence from Polynesia. The unique music and culture reflect this history, the dance style a mix of foreign and local elements.
1.Part 1. Nanyo Odori and old songs (Ogasawara Islands) - Nanyo Odori - Urame. 2. Yoakemae 3. Uwadoro 4. Gidai 5. Shime Odori no Uta 6. Nanyo Odori 7. Remon Bayashi 8. Ogasawaran old songs 9. Remon Bayashi 10. Oyado no Tameni 11. Ogasawaran old songs 12. Part 2- Old songs and Matmatong (Palau) - Chesols, Ngdi Kau'l Ta ra Rubak 13. Okuk el Lulk 14.. Ngdi Kau'l Ta ra Rubak 15. Chesols 16. A Rengebard a Diak le Chub a Reng 17. Delang - A Rengebard a Diak le Chub a Reng 18. Delang - A Chad e lebora Mengellang 19. Derebechesii, Kashinoma 20. Boid, Beches el Llach 21. Boid 22. Matmatong, Omerael 23. Mai Maspai 24. Sisiak Lekebeil 25. Yoakemae 26. Tonde Yuku 27. Yakusoku 28. Omerael 29. Matmatong 30. Tonde Yuku 31. Yoakemae 32. Palao no 5 Chome 33. Koror no go Chome 34. Palao no 5 Chome