Warau Rhythm

Warau Rhythm

Product Description

Nanjara-Howaazu were a four piece comic band, consisting of two woman, vocals / guitar and group leader Miss Taeko, plus percussion (Miss Yoko) and two men on accordion and guitar (Frank Tomio and Frank Masao). They performed in the Kansai area from around the late 1930s to 1940s, influenced by Akireta Boys who were performing in Tokyo at the time, mixing comedy with Japanese naniwabushi (narrative singing) and western music. They belonged to the 'Boys' genre, a form of vaudeville using instruments unique to Japan and entertainment styles, including dodoitsu (popular love song in 7-7-7-5 syllable pattern) gidayu (narrative song) mock Buddhist sutra, kabuki, sales pitches, with Western popular songs at the time, such as Dinah. They recorded 10 78s which are compiled here, plus two tracks under the name of Miss Taeko & Her Group. Producer Joe Boyd is a fan of particularly one track, (the opening track on this compilation) which he has included in his radio shows.

1. Warau Rhythm (April 1940)
2. Nan de Show (May 1940)
3. Bikkuri Show (June 1940
4. Yomise Fukei (July 1940)
5. Ikaga de Show (August 1940)
6. Omoshiroi de Show (Aug-Nov 1940)
7. Akireta de Show (Aug-Nov 1940)
8. Nanjara Chushingura (Jan1941)
9. Nanjara Jikyokugaku (Feb.1941)
10. Nanjara Jidaigeki (March 1941)
11. Warai no No Stop (Miss Takeo & Her Group, 1950)
12. Banjo OK (Miss Takeo & Her Group 1950)