Warau Rhythm

Warau Rhythm

Product Description

Nanjarahowers were a 1940s comic band from Osaka, led by a lady called Miss Taeko, with three other musicians. Not much more is known about the group, except they made some wonderful music. This is an album of all their recorded output, 10 tracks, originally released as 78s released by Taihei Records during the Second World War, and two songs released after the war when the group performed under the name of Miss Taeko and Her Group.
1. Warau Rhythm 2. Nan de Show 3. Bikkuri Show 4. Yaten Fuukei 5.Ikaga de Show 6. Omoshiroi de Show 7. Akireta de Show 8. Nanjara Chushingura 9. Nanjara Jikyokugaku 10. Nanjara Jidaigeki 11. Warai no No Stop 12. Banjo OK