Vu Ja De (2 CDs)

Vu Ja De (2 CDs)

Product Description

First ever double album from Haruomi Hosono. CD1, Eight Beat Combo, is of various covers including Tutti Frutti, Ain't Nobody Here but us Chickens, and Angel on My Shoulder. CD2. titled Essay is original new songs, including Suzaki Paradise, a new version of the theme song to Mohican. Liner notes are written by Hosono.

CD1 Eight Beat Combo
1. Tutti Frutti 2. Ain`t Nobody Here But Us Chickens 3. Susie-Q 4. Angel On My Shoulder 5. More Than I Can Say 6. A Cheat 7. 29 Ways 8. El Negro Zumbon (Anna)
CD2 Essay
1. Suzaki Paradise 2. Netemo Sametemo Boogie Woogie 3. Eureka 1 4. Tenkiame-ni Humming-wo 5. Mr.2355. Kaeru 6. Neko Boogie 7. Kanashimi-no Lucky Star 8. Eureka 2 9. Mohican 10. Pecora 11. Retort 12. Oblio