Voice of Life - Difang (CD + DVD)

Voice of Life - Difang (CD + DVD)

Product Description

Difang (1921-2002) is the Taiwanese Amis singer, who brought aboriginal Taiwanese music to the world. Their 'Elders Drinking Song' was recorded by the French National Education Ministry without their knowledge during a tour in 1988 who then sold the recording to EMI. EMI allowed the German group Enigma to use the recording as a sample track for their song Return to Innocence, which was used to promote the 1996 Olympic games. After signing to Magic Stone records in Taiwan, EMI were sued, the claim eventually settled out of court. This is a best of album compiled from the four albums Difang recorded for Magic Stone, including a collaboration with Dan Lacksman of Deep Forest that mixed his voice with electronica. Includes seven unreleased tracks and comes with 2 track DVD.
CD (original recording) 1. Visiting Song 2. Lakedun 3. Love Song 4. Working Song 5. Widow 6. Pick up Mud Snail 7. Sworn Friends 8. Lin San-Sy's Song 9. Fully Laden with Riches 10. Elders Drinking Song (Voice + Kara) 11. Visiting Song 12. Elders Drinking Song DVD. 1. Visiting Song 2. Elders Drinking Song