Vitamin-Q featuring ANZA

Vitamin-Q featuring ANZA

Product Description

Vitamin-Q are touted as a 'Super Producers Band', and feature Kazuhiko Kato (of Sadistic Mika Band and Folk Crusaders) who has produced Yosui Inoue, Takuro Yoshida, Shigeru Izumiya and Mariya Takeuchi; Rei Obama (also of Sadistic Mika Band and Folk Crusaders) who has produced Masaharu Fukuyama and Ami Ozaki; Masami Tsuchiya (of Ippudo and Japan) who has produced Blankey Jet City, The Mods, Kyoko Koizumi and The Back Horn; and Gota Yashiki (of Mute Beat, Melon and Simply Red) who has produced Fumiya Fujii, Shikao Suga, Nokko, Kyoko Koizumi and B-Dash. Female singer Anza of Head Phones President is the guest vocalist. The album's concept is 'England' and contains some of the styles to have originated in the UK that have been major influences on all of them, such as glam rock, punk and Merseybeat.
1. Panic Crash 2. The Queen of Cool 3. Cupid's Calling 4. Love at a Thousand Degrees 5. Fun Fun Fun 6. Enfant Terrible 7. Lotus Avenue 8.Metal ni Nuritsubuse 9. Skiski Su 10. From that Moment 11. Take the Wild Way Home 12. The Eternal Flash