Ushibuka Haiya-bushi (2 CDs)

Ushibuka Haiya-bushi (2 CDs)

Product Description

Produced and recorded by Makoto Kubota. The roots of Japanese funky festival music. CD1 is of various new recording by Makoto Kubota and CD 2 includes remixes by Kubota from a rare 1970 cassette and the original sound. The Ushibuka Haiya Matsuri takes place every April on the coast of Amakusa in Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu. The song and dance originated during the Edo period when women would perform for the entertainment of the crews from the ships who had called at the port. Ushibuka, with its natural harbour and fishing grounds, long flourished as a port and refuge from storms. These days, during the three day festival, some 5000 dancers dance to Ushibuka-Haiya bushi, enjoyed by young and old. The song's popularity spread to other parts of Japan, forming the basis for other local festival songs. CD1 includes performances by various organizations and preservation societies, keeping the tradition alive. CD2 contains that rare recording from the 1970s by a dancer/folk musician from Tokushima.

1. Ushibuka Haiya-bushi 2. Gen Haiya 3. Ushibuka Haiya Bushi 4. Ushibuka Haiya Bushi 5. Ushibuka Iso Bushi 6. Ushibuka Haiya-bushi
1. Haiya 70s Remix long version 2. Haiya 70s Remix Radio Edit 3. Haiya 70s Remix Dub Edit 4. Ushibuka Haiya Bushi Original 70s Cassette