Umekichi Konjaku Uta Kurabe

Umekichi Konjaku Uta Kurabe

Product Description

In recent years female singer Umekichi has become pretty popular in Japan and has even made some in-roads overseas for her plaintive nagauta singing and shamisen playing. She is marketed overseas as a geisha, which in her style is quite accurate although she didn't receive formal geisha training. She was born in the beautiful city of Kurashiki that has one of the best preserved old quarters in Japan. She grew up learning ballet and classical piano, but found her future vocation after witnessing the Azuma Odori concert, held once a year by geishas. She learnt shamisen and went on to study at a traditional Japanese music school. She has since become known for combining traditional Japanese music and songs, with a modern twist. She performs mostly Edo era folk tunes, the pop music of the time before western influence. The stereotypical image of Japan when men were samurai and women were geisha. This new album has thirteen Edo era songs combined with modern influences. 1.Ozashiki Rock 2. Ah Sorenanoni 3.Tokyo Boogie Woogie 4.Tonko Bushi 5. Melon no Kimochi 6.Cakkiri Bushi 7.Tenryu Kudareba 8.Shamisen Boogie Woogie 9.Ozashiki Kouta 10.Ura no Setoya 11.Ume wa Saitaka 12.Yoneyama Jinku 13.Dodoitsu