Uchina Love Song

Uchina Love Song

Product Description

Six female musicians sing Okinawan love songs. The six singers all perform three tracks each, and all come together to perform a nine minute version of Nakuni-Kaisare on an extra CD 2. All but one of the six, Megumi Aragaki, was born and grew up in Okinawa. The others, all extremely accomplished in Okinawan traditional music, come from a variety of interesting backgrounds. Kanako Horiuchi is originally from Hokkaido and moved to Okinawa to study traditional music, Lucy Nagamine grew up in Peru, Kaori Yamashiro is from Iyeha Jima but grew up in Osaka, while Mina, is Swiss/Japanese and lives in London. The songs are all meant to give the woman's side to a love song (yet are all written by men!) and are often about unrequited love and other tragic situations. Among these, Lucy sings Kataumui, most often associated with Misako Oshiro, Megumi Aragaki sings Shirakumu Bushi and Shirase Haikawa Bushi, Kanako Horiuchi has versions of Yotakara Bushi and Shimochidori while Mina sings Musume Jintoyo and Ashibi Shongane.