Uchina Jazz Goes On

Uchina Jazz Goes On

Product Description

Second album of Uchina Jazz, and timely for the 50 years since Okinawa was returned to Japan in May 1972. After the end of the second world war, jazz concerts were put on at various military bases on Okinawa. Artists such as Count Basie, Louis Armstrong and Lionel Hampton all played there. Musicians from the Philippines also performed there including Alain Kahipe who plays on this album, who had not been back to Okinawa since 1951. Following the war, local Okinawan musicians formed the Ryukyu Performing Arts Federation. In December 1947, the 'Minami no Hoshi Band' were formed and performed at the Griffin Theater on Kadena air base. Jazz clubs prospered on the bases in the 1950s numbering 36 at its peak. The local US government set about training local musicians and brass bands become popular at high schools. By the late 1950s there were 15 big bands on the island.

Jazz reached its golden age in the 1960s, with clubs not only on the American bases but in the towns too. Following the reversion of Okinawa to Japan in 1972, the scene gradually diminished as less money was spent on music. Jazz venues moved mostly off base to hotels as well as clubs. This album features some of the musicians involved during the golden age ane before including 92 year old Alan Kahipe, drummer, 86 year old Masae Uehara, Terry Shigata (81) and others with links including the sons of some of the top musicians of the day. Featured bands are Maezato Hideki Big Band, Terry Shigeta Quartet and Tomoyuki Yara Quartet.

1. Uchina Jazz Goes On
2. Hiyamikachi Bushi
3. Getto
4. Kariyushi
5. Uchina, Wonderful Tonight
6. My One and Only Love
7. Endo no Hana
8. Densa Bushi
9. Warabi Gami - Tenno Komori Uta
10.Midnight in Koza
11. Lequios Blues
12. Sing, Sing, Sing
13. Kariyushi
14. Uchina Jazz Goes On
15. Sake to Bara no Hibi