UD Chronicle (x2 Used CD) (Excellent Condition with Obi)

UD Chronicle (x2 Used CD) (Excellent Condition with Obi)

Product Description

Complete collection of the first electro pop band to record for Haruomi Hosono's Non-Standard label in 1985. All the recorded output, their albums, EPs, unreleased demos and more.

1. Why
2. Hito Koma No Ame - I`m On Your Side-
3. Ceramic Love
4. Subete Ha Himitsu No Yoru -whisper Of My Love-
5. We All Go Down
6. Hammer
7. Dr.diet
8. Dreamer -old Man Looks Back-
9. Remaking Of Non-standard Music
10. Dream Explorer-elements-01: Sleep Ceremony
11. Elements-02: Oh! Best And Brightest
12. Elements-03: Sleepwalking
13. Elements-04: Ceramic Love
14. Elements-05: Earth
15. Elements-06: A Moment`s Pleasure
16. Elements-07: Wandering
17. Elements-08: Time And Again
18. Elements-09: Fragments Of A Dream
19. Elements-10: Searching
20. Elements-11: In The Border Town
21. Elements-12: Somnium
22. Elements-13: D`algerie
23. Elements-14: Lost And Sorrow
24. Elements-15: Turning Gear
25. Elements-16: Manipulation (The End Of Tumult)
26. Hito Koma No Ame - I`m On Your Side-
27. A Moment`s Pleasure
28. Softly Take It

1. Alienlover
2. A Moment`s Pleasure
3. Why You Said Goodbye
4. Softly Take It
5. Psyco
6. Ceramic Dancer
7. Kiss * Kiss
8. Day After Day
9. Bara No Emilia
10. Dance A Go Go
11. Camera Opuscula
12. Crazy Love
13. Camp
14. Why (You Said Goodbye)
15. Day After Day
16. Everyone Knows It`s Me