Tyconist (SACD)

Tyconist (SACD)

Product Description

First album from taiko drummer, a disciple of Eitetsu Hayashi, one of the most celebrated taiko drummers, one of the founders of Kodo. Born in 1983, Takuya was born in 1983 in Fukui and started learning taiko from the age of three. After founding the taiko group Tenryu Daiko, he performed with overseas musicians including German pianist Walter Lang. He eventually moved to Germany, playing with the German drum group Drumaturgia, the World Percussion Ensemble and Walter Lang. Takuya takes taiko in new directions, by singing and playing taiko in a rock setting.
1. Prologue 2. Hayase 3. Over Kei 4. Saryu 5. Yamagami 6. Kami-toki 7. Homura-keitou 8. Epilogue