Two Jupiters (DVD)

Two Jupiters (DVD)

Product Description

NTSC, Region Code All. Studio live in high quality image and sound of two sides of Akiko Yano, electronic and acoustic. The electronic side features the musicians featured on her latest album, Welcome to Jupiter, while the acoustic tracks are her solo performances. Most of the songs are from the album Welcome to Jupiter. Watch the trailer movie.
1. Mothra no Uta (with Hideyuki Fukazawa) 2. Sorya Muri da (with Hitomi Azuma) 3. Atama ga Warui (with Hitomi Azuma) 4. Watashi to Doubutsu to (with Ovall) 5. Daijobu Desu (with Keiichi Tomita) 6. Welcome to Jupiter (with Tofubeats) 7. Tong Poo (with Seiho) 8. Kanashiku Te Yarikirenai (with Hideyuki Fukazawa) 9. Prayer (with Hideyuki Fukuzawa) 10. Atama ga Warui (acoustic) 11. Sorya Muri da (acoustic) 12. Watashi to Doubutsu to (acoustic) 13. Watashi to Uchuu to Anata (acoustic) 14. Mothra no Uta (acoustic) 15. Daijobu Desu (acoustic) 16. Typhoon (acoustic) 17. Kanashiku te Yarikirenai (acoustic) 18. Welcome to Jupiter (acoustic) 19. Prayer (acoustic) 20. Ramen Tabetai (acoustic)