Trio Tour 2012 Japan

Trio Tour 2012 Japan

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NTSC Region Code 2. 103 minutes. In 1996 Sakamoto released an album called 1996, with new pieces and new arrangements of older works for piano, cello and violin. In 2011 he embarked on a tour to resurrect the trio featuring himself plus Jaques Morelenbaum on cello and Judy Kang on violin, and the trio recorded a new album , 'Three' in 2012. This is a DVD of the live performance from the 19th December 2012 show at Akasaka ACT Theatre, Tokyo of the trio with tracks old and new.
1. Kizunaworld 2. 1900 3. Happy End 4. Bibo no Aozora - Instrumental 5. A Flower is not a Flower 6. Tango 7. Castalia(Piano) 8. Shizen no Koe 9. Still Life in A 10. Nostaliga (Piano + Violin) 11. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence 12. The Last Emperor 13. 1919 - Encore - 14. Yae no Sakura 15. Theme for Yae 16. Rain 17. Parolibre