Toyo's Legacy (2 Books + DVD)

Toyo's Legacy (2 Books + DVD)

Product Description

Limited edition, 2 books and a DVD on the legacy of Toyo Nakamura, a leading music journalist and author who died in 2011. Originally published for the Musashino Art University Museum and Library exhibition, the Toyo Nakamura Collection book lists his collection of 78s and LPs, of jazz, pop, folk and music from around the world, books, instruments and music scores. (1200 pages). The Century of Popular Music book is a pictorial record and includes interviews with Peter Barakan and others. The DVD is a live concert from the Musashino event, called Toyo's Day. Featured artists include Sandii, Yuki Yamauchi & Pineapple Sugar, Sakaki Mango among others. Comes in a box, tastefully packaged and worthy as the legacy of Toyo Nakamura. Click the cover photo for a look at what you get.