Toyo's Choice

Toyo's Choice

Product Description

One of the near legendary Audi-Book series compiled by Toyo Nakamura, Japan's most respected music journalist who died in 2011. Long out of print, a few copies have recently surfaced. The Audi-book label was active between 1989 and 1997 and was mostly compiled fromToyo's extensive collection of 78s and LPs. This is a digi-pack style CD with notes written by Toyo Nakamuta. Released to coincide with an exhibition at the Musashino Art University Museum and Library called, The Century of Popular Music, Tracing the Dynamism of 20th Century Popular Music Through the Toyo Nakamura Collection. This was the last ever release from the Audi-Book label, with some of Toyo's Nakamura's favourite tracks from including Indonesia, Brazil, Tahiti, New Zealand and Hawaii.
1. Kisah Cinta / Netty & Achmad 2. Willard Y Johnson / Floro (Zorrilla) Y (Juan) Cruz 3. We Don't Get Much Money, But We Have A Lot Of Fun / Bill Murray & Ed Smalle 4. Goodbye Liza Jane / Mr. Walter Miller 5. My Beatiful Irish Maid / Chauncey Olcott 6. Bring Back My Loving' Man / Ada Jones 7. Guaruja / Ana Silva Com Poly E Seu Conjunto 8. Matang / Ana Hato & Deane Waretini 9. Ruu / Recueilli Par Sylvain Et Darnois 10. Corumeruni Carisastis / Ensemble Pandorist 11. When Yuba Plays The Rumba On The Tuba / The Revelers 12. La Paloma / Otto Dobrindt & His Concert Orchestra 13. Santiago / Columbia Spanish Orchestra 14. Despedida / Los Morochucos : Aguirre-Cortes-Aviles 15. Ethiopian Stomp / JH Bragg & His Rhythm Five 16. Sly Mongoose (The Dogs Know Your Name) / Jack Sneed & His Sneezers 17. Mombo Blues / Robert Banks & His Waileros 18. After School Blues / Sugar Chile Robinson 19. Boogie Blues / Pvt. Cecil Gant 20. Red Wing / Orch. De Danse Alexander 21. Clarinet Polka / The Polka Chips 22. Chicken Reel / Les Paul 23. Toots / Dr. Clarence Penny 24. 1× 0 / Garoto 25. Aloha Oe! / Pale K. Lua With David Kaili