Town Girl Blue

Town Girl Blue

Product Description

Pianist and singer produced by Makoto Kubota. Mix of original songs with some covers, with some sung in English. There's a great atmosphere on this album, at times nostalgic and others uplifting. Great vocals, mix of influences and styles. Mariko was a relative late comer to the music scene, releasing her first album aged 34 in 1998 which became a kind of cult hit, and was re-released three years later. Since then she has worked with Otomo Yoshihide and others on various projects. This is her sixth original album. Listen to all tracks on the album trailer.
1. Kanate E 2. You Don't Know Me 3. Myojo 4. Chat Noir 5. Since I Fell for You 6. Shijima 7. Nanimonai Love Song 8. Yakumo 9. Ai de Koroshitai 10. Mate 11. Haru no Arashi no Yoru no Tejinaji