Tokyo Shyness (Limited Edition) (2 DVDs) (SALE)

Tokyo Shyness (Limited Edition) (2 DVDs)  (SALE)

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Limited edition two DVD set of three live performances of Haruomi Hosono's latest project Tokyo Shyness, a seven piece band, from the end of 2005 to the beginning of 2006. All tracks were chosen and mixed by Hosono, and feature some of his best known songs from throughout his career, from Happy End to solo mateial. Disc 1 lasts 90 minutes and contains an extra 20 minute special feature of out takes (6 tracks) and interviews. Tracks are : 1.Daisan no Otoko 2.Rocka My Baby 3.Kurayamizaka Musasabi Henge 4.Boku wa Issun 5.Lotus Love 6.Koi wa Mizuiro 7.Morgan Boogie 8.Pon Pon Joki 9.Hong Kong Blues 10.Black Peanuts 11.Chattanooga Choo Choo 12.Hurricane Dorothy 13.Shin Shin Shin 14.Natsu Nandesu 15.Owari no Kisetsu 16.Paraiso. Disc 2 features a concert from the Hyde Park Music Festival in 2005. Tracks are : 1.Rocka My Baby 2.Boku wa Issun 3.Pon Pon Joki 4.Natsu Nandesu 5.Owari no Kisetsu 6.Koi wa Momoiro 7.Shiawase Happy 8.Arigatou (with Chu Kosaka) 9.Stella. Tokyo Shyness are Haruomi Hosono (vo, accoustic guitar), Soichiro Suzuki (mandolin), Motoya Hamaguchi (drums), Ren Takada (pedal steel guitar), Wataru Iga (acoustic bass), Toshimi Mikami (accordion, electric guitar), Hiroshi Takano (acoustic guitar, chorus, percussion).