Tokyo City Pop 70's (2 CDs)

Tokyo City Pop 70's (2 CDs)

Product Description

Excellent 2CD compilation of 70s pop music centered around the group Happy End, and their subsequent offshoots, groups, solo projects etc. Happy End featured Haruomi Hosono and were one of the first groups to adapt Japanese language to folk rock music. Influenced by Buffalo Springfield they experimented with new sounds and styles, greatly expanding the range of Japanese rock music. Also featured is Tin Pan Alley also featuring Hosono, plus solo works by each member of Happy End, Eiichi Otaki, Shigeru Suzuki, Harry Hosono and the Yellow Magic Band, YMO, plus close assocaites Makoto Kubota and Yuyake Gakudan, Morio Agata, Minako Yoshida, Takako Onuki, Akiko Yano, Keiichi Suzuki & Moon Riders Hi-Fi Set. In summary, all the greatest Japanese pop singers and groups from 1970s over 33 tracks.