Toku no Tomodachi

Toku no Tomodachi

Product Description

The excellent Kuricorder Quartet have recorded a new album with various guest singers including UA, Hirofumi Suzuki (Moon Riders), Masumi Hara and Shione Yukawa. Slightly bizzarely their biggest fan overseas seems to be Iain Lee of Virgin Radio, who even went to Japan to see them play live and spent the day with them in Tokyo. This album is as good place as any to find out why.
1. Apao`s Trip 2. Polka 3. Toku No Tomodachi 4. The Path To The Sea 5. Evening View 6. The Dances From Netherlands 7. Bridge Of Sighs 8. 1000 Bridges Across Summer & Autumn 9. Toki No Ressya 10. Minimal Country 11. Popo Loouise (Album Version) 12. Vinho Verdes & Flamingo 13. A Theme Of Mother`s Little Helper 14. Sayonara No Omajinai 15. January 16. Drive To Green Beach (Short Edit) 17. CD Extra Music Clip