The Ultimate Sound Souvenir from Kyoto

The Ultimate Sound Souvenir from Kyoto

Product Description

Kyoto was the centre of Japanese culture for about 1000 years, from 794 until 1869, when the Imperial Palace relocated to Tokyo. This is an album that guides you through the city of Kyoto, the scenery, the changing of the seasons and the rich atmosphere of the old capital. Well known Japanese traditional tunes from different genres, played on shamisen, koto, kokyu, shakuhachi and shinobue. Includes unusual arrangments of 'Sakura' and 'Haru no Umi'. Comes with English and French liner notes.
1. Six Variations On The Theme `sakura` 2. Gosho No Oniwa / Imperial Palace Garden 3. Gion Kouta / Song Of Gion 4. Saga No Aki / Autumn Of Saga 5. Kyo No Shiki / Four Seasons Of Kyoto 6. Gosho-guruma / Imperial Cart 7. Gion-bayashi / Percussion Ensemble Of Gion 8. Kyo No Daibuttsan / Great Buddha Of Kyoto 9. Haru No Umi / The Sea Of Spring