The Thai Beatles

The Thai Beatles

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Beatles songs covered in various localThai styles, such as morlam, lukthung, southern, Thai traditional and other local roots music, performed by some great singers of the various styles. Watch Rasmee recording I Feel Fine.

1. Girl - Vinai Phanturak: Vocalist and guitarist with the Thai String band The Impossible.
2. When I'm Sixty-four - Suntaree Wechanon: Lanna folksong female artist who sings Kam Muang (Thai Northern dialect)
3. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - Chutima Kaewniam (Ow) : Highly regarded female singer
4. I Feel Fine - Rasmee Wayrana: Brilliant singer of Morlam from Isan, northeast Thailand.
5. Come Together -Keng Tachaya: Traditional male singer
6. Across the Universe - Natt The Voice: Jazz female singer with traditional elements.
7. Help! - Thai Folk Chorale: Chorus group who sing in the tradional "Rice Harvest Song" style.
8. Day Tripper - Bird Thammarat: Veteran traditional singer
9. Norwegian Wood - Anin Suwannachote: Lukthung, country style siner
10. Oh! Darling - Kook Onsurang: Female singer with a traditional style.